Tom And Lorenzo

Tom And Lorenzo are a couple of gay guys who decided that the web needed their presence. This was ages ago now, and since they launched their first blog they've gathered something of a big following. Their blog site is all about pop culture, with a special focus on celebrity fashion. They've got this cheery, camp turn of phrase that really comes across in the way they write the blog; you read and it's like listening. And they really do know their subject matter. The main page is constantly being updated with pics of fashion models and hot celebs and there are other pages to check out too. These are dedicated to their favorite TV shows, musicals and photographers. You feel like you've been invited in to sit in a chintz covered living room while you sip tea and listen to these two queens chat politely about their favorite things. But there is also attitude; as they say themselves, they are fabulous and opinionated. Darling.

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