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Kyle Lucas is hanging around a public toilet and UK Naked Men was there to catch him jacking his uncut cock. Kyle doesn't have to work at being sexy - he just is. He's cute with beautiful kissable lips and he's naturally hairy. I remember a few month's back Kyle did a scene with big-dicked Dillon Buck. Kyle was playing a meter maid who was giving Buck a hard time for being parked in a tow-away zone. Buck decided to teach this fucker a lesson and he dragged him into his house by the scruff of the neck. Once inside, Buck threw Kyle down on the floor and force fed him his huge cock. But not satisfied enough with a blowjob, Dillon Buck yanked Kyle's pants down around his angles, pinned him to the floor, and drove his huge dick inside Kyle's tight fuck hole. What a hot fuck scene that was! And since Kyle is such a filthy pig, the UKNM decided it'd be fitting to watch him jacking off in a public toilet. Maybe he's hoping a copper will happen by and give him a repeat performance of his scene with Dillon. In the meantime he's jacking his foreskinned dick, pissing, and playing with his feet.

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