Feet is probably the most popular fetish around - there's a lot of searches for foot fetish pics and videos, and a fair number of sites out there to satisfy the taste of those who are into feet, socks and shoes. But did you ever wonder about the men who create and run those foot sites? Well, I recently had a chance to talk with Joe Anthony, who together with a partner, owns and operates Toe Gasms.

Gaydemon: Can you please explain what people find erotic about feet?

Joe: You know, that's a tough question to answer because I talk to a lot of foot fetishists, and everyone's different. For some guys it could be the scent of the foot, other guys are turned on by white or dress socks. Some guys are into the tops of the feet and others are into the soles. Tickling is a big part of foot fetishism as well. It varies with each person. I know many guys who are into older men's feet, while some are into twinks and hunks. It's truly one of the most widely diverse fetishes.

Gaydemon: Can you to tell us how you got involved in working with foot fetish content?


Joe: When I got my first computer in 1996, I checked out the net and was really disappointed that there wasn't much foot fetish material for gay men online. I even noticed that the feet were usually not included in mainstream gay porn, occasionally you'd see a foot but photographers were ignorant to the fact that there were fans of feet searching for anything foot related. Then one day I came upon a site from Germany that dealt with the subject. It did well, but there was still an untapped market out there that needed filled. I met my business partner (Zak Miller) through another photographer and he knew I wanted to start a foot fetish site. He had many models in his stable and the site, TeenFeetUSA, was born. It wasn't that easy, we spent many agonizing hours trying to think of a good name...HAHA. After Teen Feet USA ran it's course, we renamed the site Toe Gasms and added many new features, models, and more videos to our updates.

Gaydemon: Are you involved with the production of the Toe Gasms videos and pics?

Joe: Zak and our other photographers are really great at what they do, and I've dabbled in some of the photography myself. I came up with the original Toe Gasms video idea, and Zak took it and turned my idea into a great set of DVDs. A lot of times I will talk to people online, and they send me their ideas and I'll write a script or a scenario and send them to the photographers. Since neither of the photographers have a foot fetish, (although, you'd never know it) sometimes I have to explain in major detail what I'm looking for to fill the needs of our subscribers. So, in a way, I do a lot of the production.


Gaydemon: How do you choose what topics of content - bare feet, toe sucking, dirty socks - that you put on your site?

Joe: Again, It's feedback from subscribers and friends that I bounce ideas off of, and the photographers. I shot a set a few weeks ago, and I got a ton of great ideas from the model who was making suggestions to me and I took them and ran with it. The sets turned out great, and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures on Toe Gasms. Basically, we look at what models we're using at the time, and see how far they're willing to go with a particular shoot. Luckily, we've got some models who are actually into feet themselves, so a lot of times the photographers just let the models do their thing and take the pictures or roll the video camera.

I'd like to thank Joe for telling us about his site and about foot fetishes in general. I think it's cool that the models who are really into feet are often the ones who decide what will happen in a shoot. I suspect that's what makes Toe Gasms really stand out!


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