Toe Sucking

Paul is one of the straight men who stops by regularly at New York Straight Men. He's been by a couple of times now, once for his first blowjob from another man since a wild, college frat party; and a second time to fuck another guy's ass. This time he's back for a full service session. Jeremy gets down on the floor and takes Paul's socks off. And then his licks and sucks Paul's toes. Jeremy's got a foot fetish, and so does Paul actually, but he rarely finds anyone willing to do a little toe sucking. He loves the feeling of the warm tongue on the soles of his feet. Once Jeremy gets Paul really excited he sucks this straight man's cock. And after Paul is satisfied he bends Jeremy over and fucks his ass. When he's popped his load he helps Jeremy cum, too. Jeremy his lying back on the floor pounding his meat in his feet and Paul is rubbing his feet along Jeremy's balls. I have a feeling this straight man isn't so straight and he'll be back for more.

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