tMf Magazine: Issue 14 Out Now tMf Magazine: Issue 14 Out Now

160 pages of pure hotness. That's what to expect from the latest issue of tMf Magazine, a showcase of the world's most delicious men, with no advertising! This issue boasts 30 more pages than the last issue.

Marco Rubi makes cover boy. He's photographed by the incredibly talented photographer and creative director of tMf Magazine, Dylan Rosser.

This issue features an in-depth interview with the former Mr Gay World Christopher Olwage, along with beautiful portfolios, such as the one from Natasha Hung Marlen Boro, Ruslan Elquest, Jim Ferringer and more. Deon Jackson's new book Desnudo gets a nice preview.

By bringing together so many astounding artists and their visions in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the male form at its best. tMf is a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure from a wider audience while giving viewers a publication showcasing the pinnacle of male nude photography.

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