First Time Anal Sex

A couple of weeks ago Derek popped Jared's cherry. The young, long-haired stud has been working his through his Corbin Fisher gay sex education. He's jacked off, gotten his first blowjob from another guy, fucked some butt, and had his ass fucked, too. He's also had his first guy-on-guy threeway. So just to make sure he's got the ass fucking thing down, Corbin Fisher lined him up with TJ and his thick cock. TJ normally tends towards the botton of things, but this video is a reminder that he's a great top, too. After TJ and Jared swap blowjobs, TJ warms up Jared's fuck hole with a hot fingering session. And then, TJ starts inching his thick dick into Jared's very thigh fuck hole. It took Jared some time to get used to having such a big cock sliding into his butt hole. But by the end of the scene I swear that I saw Jared pushing his ass back and meeting TJ's thrusts to feel TJ's cock deeper inside of him. I guess Jared has passed the ass fucking test.



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