Isnt' this a great picture. That's TJ in the foreground and he's about to get his ass tag-teamed by Dawson and Lucas. But for the moment he's at the end of a rimming chain. All three guys have been fairly regular and popular guys on Corbin Fisher, and they've been generating a lot of e-mail. One of the recurring requests was to see these three jocks together in a threesome. So Corbin Fisher put the wheels in motion, and voila, TJ is riding two cocks at the same time. The scene opens up with everyone getting comfortable -- touching, kissing, and slowly stripping out of their clothes. And before long everyone is sucking cock. They make good use of the couch with TJ up on his knees and leaning over the edge, getting his ass rimmed by Lucas, who is kneeling on a footstool, getting his ass rimmed by Dawson, who is on his knees on the floor. TJ remains where he is -- hanging over the edge of the couch -- and Lucas squats behind him and shoves his cock up the stud's ass, and then, Dawson comes around the other side to get his dick sucked. And so it begins, these two muscle studs fuck TJ from both ends in any number of postions until they both end up spewing their cum loads all over his chest.

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