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I have just finished blogging about an 11-inch cock over at UK Naked Men, and now, Corbin Fisher's Austin lights up my screen -- from one extreme to another. Austin is a good-looking college stud with a rock-hard body, but when he strips out of his clothes, he's all potatoes and no meat, as they say. Austin has a huge set of low hanging balls and a tiny button of a cock. But regardless, Austin puts on a good show. He really gets into his session. He doesn't just lie back and jack off, he really gets into stripping and teasing us and showing off his hard, ripped body. And I think that's why I've never minded hopping in the sack with the less endowed side of the population. Guys with small cocks and tiny cocks generally try a lot harder. Most of the huge dicked guys I've been with have been sexual duds. Sure, they've got a big chunk of meat, but I think we're supposed to be so enthralled with it that they don't believe they need to move to satisfy us. No, I'll take Austin and his tiny cock any time.

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