Cue serious music.

WICS3_boxcover_full.JPGIn the history of cinema, there have been few trilogies that have made their mark upon our cultural landscape: The Godfather. Toy Story. And - insert soaring violin solo - The Care Bear pictures. But that is about to change in a way so gripping, so grippingly gripping, that the gay porn world may, I don't know, plan another awards evening where the first porn star that succumbs to alcohol poisoning this time wins.*

Actually, Treasure Island Media, which is now America's official gay porn answer to at-what-point-do-you-stop-calling-it-a-dildo-and-start-calling-it-a-stent, has announced they have shattered every single record known to man, woman, Inuit tribal elder, mammal, marsupial - you name it - with their third installment of "What I Can See 3."

Treasure Island has parlayed the success off the first two 'What I Can See' fuck flicks by bringing topman Jesse O'Toole (no relation to Samuel) back for his third helping of man soup. The film runs 138 minutes long and includes Ryan Sullivan's "Island," the award-winning documentary of his experiences with Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media and beyond.

Paul was characteristically matter-of-fact about it all:

"The original [What I Can See], which was the first-ever bareback gangbang, set new standards for porn. When the second one became the most-watched sexvid in Internet history, I knew I had to do something extraordinary for this. I gathered the most depraved fuckers I know, and delved into their sexual core through the reality of anonymous sex."

Oh, so that's what 'delving into one's sexual core' is being called now. You can order "What I Can See 3" by clicking here.

(*I'm kidding about alcohol poisoning, of course. No one should ever joke about a thing as choking on one's vomit. Yuck! Then again, no said death's pretty either. At least your last memories won't be of you looking at yourself choking on your own vomit. That would suck.)


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