Bentley Race recently went on a vacation to the state - San Francisco, to be exact. Timmy is a guy Ben had been flirting with in emails for a while, ever since Ben saw a pic of Timmy's skinny body and big cock. Ben kept himself pretty busy on this vacation (and he has the videos to prove it), but he knew he couldn't leave San Francisco without hooking up with Timmy in person. They decided to do a photoshoot, and after both guys were thoroughly heated up, Ben decided to jump in and show Timmy a good, hard aussie-style ass pounding!

Actually things started with Timmy posing and getting naked for Ben's camera. Timmy turns out to be a cute "regular guy" type who is slender with a lightly hairy chest and legs. Yum!


Timmy and Ben had some real chemistry going, and Timmy was getting very turned on showing off for Ben. He especially put some energy into showing off his temptingly spread asshole...


By this time, both guys were throbbing horny. Ben fucked Timmy's ass till deep and hard, and Timmy took every stroke like he couldn't get enough. Ben says Timmy is the hottest fuck he's ever had and he still gets hard thinking about this shoot!


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