If you've ever wondered if maybe four times is one time too many as a member of the Society of Refined Masturbators and that - innocently, no doubt - you've violated our rules, I have some very good news for you. Treasure Island Media has announced the creation of TimJack.com, an ode to all that is good and pure about chronic masturbation.


Founder Paul Morris, who was recently masturbating himself, had this to say about TimJack.com: "This is the definitive all-male solo play site, designed to satisfy even the most gooned-out 'bators among us." As many of you Treasure Island Media fans know, the TIM franchise has grown exponentially over the last few years as new niche sites have been launched including TimFuck.com, TimSuck.com and FuckRoulette.com.

Paul, who took a young filmmaker by the name of Ryan Sullivan and allowed him to document the iconic company through his short films under the title "Island," has gone from being a gay porn pariah to something of a cult hero. And, of course, nothing quite says 'cult hero' like a site dedicated to people whose entire lives have been completely taken over by the compulsion to masturbate.

Even better, the site lets you connect via webcam with others of your species in an AA-like environment of privacy and cigarettes. You can join any one site for mere shekels - $14.95. Or, you can join all three sites - Jack, Suck and Fuck - for $29.95 and resign yourself to the fact that you will never see sunlight again and your life as you're currently leading it - complete with familial, professional and financial commitments - is effectively over.

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