There's got to be a scientific word for guys like me who adore redheads. I have no idea what it is, but if you have the same wonderful obsession then you are going to bust your nut over Timitate. This is an image blog by a 'shameless gay ginger' who shows off his body relentlessly; and I mean that in a good way. Scroll down past the face pics, the butt shots, the clothed poses, the 'at homes', the face pics and the occasional shot of him with someone else, and you will be rewarded with what you were really looking for: the red pubes and that big, hard cock. (Is it me or do all redheaded guys have big cocks?)

Across the top of the page you are invited to ask him anything, and I saw some Q and A's posted on the page. There's also an archive link up there and clicking that brings you the assortment of images arranged in smaller, thumbnail versions. The main page seems to go on for ever and is continually loading down at the bottom, so this is a good way to see what's on offer more quickly. The blog was only 12 months old when I saw it but it was already packed with pics. It's a redhead-lover's paradise.

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