Derek Cameron Lucas Kazan

When a studio lasts for 15 years in this crazy business we call gay porn, it's definitely cause to celebrate. And Lucas Kazan Productions is doing just that by flashing back to some of its top models. The first, and some would say the best, is gorgeous Derek Cameron. The dreamy blond bottom appeared in numerous films for Kazan, including our personal fave, Journey to Italy. Although in a recent in-depth interview with XBIZ magazine, director Lucas Kazan called this 1997 film "nothing short of a disaster," we can't help but disagree.

The plot finds a dazed and confused Cameron wandering around Milan in the rain (and wearing a fanny pack!). Okay, so maybe the wardrobe could have used some help as Derek's perfect physique is often hidden in baggy khakis and a red windbreaker. But once he gets undressed and starts sucking cock, the movie soars. Kazan expertly builds sexual tension and uses Cameron's tender voice-over narration to tell the story of a young man's sexual awakening during one summer in Italy. When Derek finally gets fucked on a kitchen counter, you will cheer. You will also feel the tugs of your heartstrings as Kazan winds things put with a romantic twist.

Men of Odyssey produced Journey to Italy. In the 1990s, companies spent big bucks on gay porn productions, with large crews of professional technicians, including a director of photography, gaffer and boom operator. Sadly, times have changed, and Men of Odyssey is long defunct. As for Derek Cameron, he went on to win numerous awards and work for most of the major studios. As we recall, he retired in 2004 to work in real estate, but he remains one of gay porn's great beauties (and as we know from meeting him in West Hollywood in the late '90s, the diminutive superstar could fit in your back pocket).

To check out Journey to Italy, visit Lucas Kazan. And while you're at it, read Kazan's fascinating and thought-provoking interview in the September issue of XBIZ. It's like a primer of how to make it in the porn industry, and offers a view of what might lie ahead. Kazan, who is a graduate of the American Film Institute, has always focused on quality over quantity and has much to say about the fall of the studio system and story-driven content and the rise of the Internet, technology and amateur porn. "What shall we be left with five to 10 years from now?" he wonders. "Our ugly neighbor jerking off on Xtube?" Indeed. To read the full interview, click here.

Derek Cameron Lucas Kazan

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