It's about time we got some fantasy back into porn, don't ya think? Specifically, I'm referring to returning to a style and method that porn of yesteryear used to embrace, and that is setting a tone and a mood by creating a fantasy. Most porn today is reality-based, meaning that more than anything, we are seeing 15-minute jackoff vids in which we hear the director giving instructions and there is very little professionalism or escapism to the process. I'm talking about returning to a day when there was enhanced eroticism in porn, sometimes merely by setting a piece in a different time period.

Older porn used to have a 'story' that linked all of the fuck scenes together. Granted, the stories were terrible and silly, and I'm not really looking for that. I'm looking more for a visual style or a sense of time travel. Case in point, take something like Gold Rush Boys from the early 1980s (possibly late '70s). It was set in the old west, everyone wore period costumes and cowboy hats, even long underwear that looked representative of the time period. The characters spoke authentically, and I gotta tell ya, it made the sex scenes so much more exciting because it took you out of reality. There's something particularly erotic about imagining dudes fucking and sucking each other in a different time period. Imagine seeing a Knight of the Round Table getting a blow job in full armor? Or how 'bout a naughty quaker boy (in one of those big-ass hats) who gets a thorough 'lesson' from his schoolmaster? Or what about a sexy vampiric romp done in the style of the Hammer horror films from the late 1950s?

There are almost zero porn sites that add any sense of style or creativity to their productions. There is a bit more style to professionally produced DVDs, such as the wonderful Masquerade released not long ago which took a simple concept of dudes wearing costume ball masks and capes getting it on in a darkly lit purple room. Just that slight twist enhanced the mood of the vid and set it apart from most, aside from the fact that the director chose incredibly sexy thick-dicked models (if you haven't seen Jason Raze, you need to make a date with him immediately). It's interesting to me that so few porn production companies take the time and effort to add erotic themes to their productions, especially considering how psychology and our senses drive how turned on we are'or aren't. Sometimes just a simple naughty statement or setting the stage for a perverted concept makes all the difference in a scene. Some dude sitting on a couch jacking off while he watches straight porn doesn't inspire a whole lot. But, if that dude is wearing a cop's uniform and describes to you what a rough day he had in the streets on the vice squad while he's playing with himself, and then he starts describing this kid he saw on the street who he wanted to fuck with his nightstick, I guarantee you'll get a lot more out of the scene. The use of the male voice and certain key words stimulates pornhounds like ya wouldn't believe, but I guess most producers are too lazy or lack the creativity to go to the trouble.

I'm not asking for a Ridley Scott film here, I'm just asking for some imagination and thoughtfulness. It's for the same reason that some couples role play in the bedroom or like to dress up. Taking us out of our normal sex lives into a place we've never been is truly erotic and exciting, and the further it is from reality, the harder our peepees get. Ya don't believe me? Go home to your partner one evening dressed in a sailor's uniform. Your partner will rape you before you even get the front door closed. Or, walk up to him one evening while he's doing the dishes and quietly whisper into his ear that you wanna fuck him upside down, sideways, and on top of a screeching fire engine. Sometimes just saying your guy's name while you're polishing his knob or fucking him will make him squeal. You know what I'm talking about. So whilst I continue encouraging producers to put some style into their porn, you get to work on your own creativity. Or perhaps you already have, ya perv!



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