Randy Blue's gay pornstar, Tim Grayson

You gotta hand it to Randy Blue; they are always discovering some of the hottest men on the face of the gay planet and bringing them into our rooms for us to lust and wank over. For that they get a HUGE: Thank you!

Now, I think they need oh-so-much-more than a simple 'thank you' for their latest discovery. Meet Tim Grayson. This hunky, tight package just oozes sex! Tim is the kind of guy that has loads of sexual charisma and a beefy, muscular body that has made him an instant hit - he has made the rounds on almost every gay blog out there!

Porn performer Tim Grayson shows his hard cock and asshole

There is a bit of mystery surrounding Tim due to the fact that Randy Blue hasn't given us a lot information about this stud. I really do hope they get him back in for another video very, very soon, but at this time I think I can speak for most gays; we want to see him in some sort of man-on-man action! I wonder who they could pair him up with? Well, I think ginger god Danny Harper would fuck him real good! Oh, the gay heat those 2 could produce!

Keep an eye out for Tim Grayson 'cos this homo knows you will be seeing TONS more of him!

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