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Nathaniel is a hot straight guy - gorgeous face, a perfect body, and sporting a big 8-inch, uncut cock between his legs. He's a ladies' man and likes going out with his mates to flirt with the girls. Recently, he and his girlfriend went out of town and spent the night in a hotel. Nathaniel was sporting a hangover, so his girlfriend went shopping without him. Nathaniel headed to the hotel bar for some hangover remedy, you know, the hair of the dog.

Ryder is a salesman who stopped into the bar for a drink. He got talking to Nathaniel and Ryder saw an opportunity to tempt this straight guy up to his room. Nathaniel was horny and intrigued by having a guy suck his cock, so it wasn't long before the guys headed up to Ryder's room. Nathaniel made sure that Ryder knew that he doesn't play with guys. Ryder got down on his knees and fished Nathaniel's big cock out of his pants, and Nathaniel doesn't stop him.

Ryder asks Nathaniel to face fuck him, so Ryder lies back on the bed and Nathaniel slides his stiff uncut cock down Ryder's throat. Then Ryder asks Nathaniel to fuck his ass. Nathaniel goes a step further and ties Ryder's arms to the bed. Then he hoists Ryder's legs and starts inching his big dick into Ryder's cock-hungry ass. Nathaniel fucks Ryder good and hard, shoots his creamy load of spunk, unties Ryder, and leaves the hotel room. I guess that's how a guy doesn't play with guys!

Blake Mason features Nathaniel in a solo jerk-off video and a blowjob video where he gets his cock sucked through a gloryhole. Ryder has gotten his ass fucked three times now over at this British guy porn site. You'll want to head over to Blake Mason and check out their preview videos.

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