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After a long, hard day at the office, James Hamilton is tense and stressed. And as he arrives home, he's on the phone with his boss -- James has forgotten a deadline and he's taking a bit of heat. Like most people, James likes to pass that heat along to the people around them. James walks over to the sliding doors leading to his bedroom, and as he slides them open, we see that Luke, his slave boy is waiting -- blind-folded, bound, and standing quietly in his jockstrap. James manhandles Luke's bulge and even squats down and sucks Luke's cock for a few seconds, just long enough to stiffen it up. Then James grabs a flogger and goes to work on his slave. Luke is bound tightly and secured in place by a rope strung up across the ceiling, so as Luke leans forward to escape James's flogging, he's labouring under his own weight. James drags Luke into the living room and Luke is forced to suck James's cock and lick his feet, all the while wearing a butt plug tail that makes him look like a puppy. After James and his cock are sufficiently serviced, he drags Luke back into the bedroom. He throws him on the bed for a final ass caning, and then, the relentless Master climbs on top of his slave and fucks his ass. Now that's the way to deal with a hard day at the office! Maybe you could get your boss to enroll you in the Bound Gods dungeon, I'm sure I read somewhere that stress free employees work harder.

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