Tie Guy UK

Tie Guy UK is refreshing. It's a site dedicated to bondage - not fetish, not BDSM, not role playing and not leather or rubber. Just bondage, a little tickling and teasing. The owner, who also does all the tying up, is Steve, and in his own words, "Bondage is the art of restraint." Not only does he do the bondage, but he also does the site updates, customer support and site design. It's pretty much a one-man show, and a labor of love. The bondage in this site is creative - often very creative. There's lots of rope bondage, duct tape, electrical tape, gags and sometimes odder things like boxing gloves. The guys who are bound are fit and from 18 to maybe 40, and they do this because they're into it - they don't get paid as the site doesn't make that much money. And to me, this just makes Tie Guy UK hotter as everyone who appears is there because it turns them on. And what could be better than that?

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