I wonder about the kids today, not the small ones, though maybe I guess them too. Like what is it about the new generations that come along, that always are looking to push the envelope?

Like when you were in your teens, did you wonder what it would feel like to jerk off, while choking?

Seriously, that is happening today, and I guess has been for a while, though there isn't a lot of statistics on it, due to the simple fact, it resembles suicide. Yet the notion that some call it a sexual thrill is, well, beyond me.

With all the toys out there, all the different forms of getting off, why in hell would anyone want to simulate or come close to death, while ejaculating? Like I get some damn good orgasms, and I don't need to feel my life draining away to have them either.

In some circles, it is referred to as Breath Play, but I don't get it. Yet according to some, it was first developed for use by those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Now I don't get it, how does the human mind work, so that when it gets starved of oxygen, it gets an erection?

I suppose I am old fashioned, because a lot of these so called 'thrill seekers' are really pushing things. I like sex, hell it is a big part of my life, but to risk my life over it? I don't think so. I mean I am not living for the ultimate orgasm, I just want to feel my heart pound, feel the physical exhaustion from shooting a huge load, or of having one on my own body.

Like really, it is enough for me, and for the wife too. Like, okay so we enjoy doing it more than once some days, or in different locations. Hell it is fun to do it in the car, parked at our local Lover's Lane, but to be choked, while jacking off?

I don't think so.

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