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Three is never a crowd, especially when you've got three hot Latino guys willing to pull their cocks in a threeway jack off session. 18-year-old Cuban guy, Marcus Guitaro is back on Circle Jerk Boys, but he's brought a couple of friends along. David James is a 20-year-old, Honduran stud and Al Tremons is another horny guy from Cuba. In the interview portion of this video, the guys all try and top one another with their latest sexcapades. But we're more interested in watching them jack their big, uncut cocks. Al and David are pretty evenly matched, both sporting 7-inch, juicy uncut cocks. But Marcus has them both beat with his thick, 8.5-inch foreskinned dick. The three guys find their spots in the locker room and start stroking their cocks. I always love watching these group jack off sessions with a gang of straight guys; it's a big turn-on watching them closely to see if their checking one another out. David sprays his load all over the locker room floor while Marcus and Al coat their bellies with spunk.

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