Circle Jerk

I week or so ago I blogged about Corbin Fisher being down on the farm, in "I'm a Little Bit Country." And I mentioned that Corbin Fisher would be bringing us some of the regular CF guys in some hot, farm footage. This three-man circle jerk is the first installment. Featuring Nick, Spencer, and Trevor, these three guys always made their original entry into Corbin Fisher in that order and one right after another. So it was kind of neat to have them together for a circle jerk. The guys head into a shed to pull one off. And in they get up to a bit more than jacking off, as you can see here, sucking, kissing, and exploring one anothers' bodies. But when it comes down to business, these three horny guys line up against the wall and sit on the ground and yank their cocks. One after another the they blow their loads and it's a hot time. And of course I'm always happy to watch my favourite, Spencer jacking off his big, uncut cock. Love that big dick of his.

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