three tops and a slave

It's a little-known secret that above the Bound Gods dungeons is an Upper Floor, a sort of private gentleman's club. Dress code is strictly enforced to black tie and attendance is by invitation only. Dungeon Master Van Darkholme invited big-dicked men Tommy Defendi and Christian Wilde to the Upper Floor for some drinks. DJ is the house boy on staff today. He's kneeling, ready and willing to serve.

Van Darkholme also invites Bound Gods members to join this afternoon festivity. DJ is a trained slave but he breaks under pressure, especially the pressure of a live shoot. The members jump in, requesting a CB-6000 chastity device on DJ's cock. But his cock just won't cooperate; this presents an opportunity for punishment - clothes pins up and down the length of his huge, stiffening cock and a flogger across the back and ass - he accepts his punishment like a true slave.

Van Darkholme ties up Defendi and Wilde and enjoys watching them escape. Then attention is turned to DJ is is tied up in some suspension bondage, rendering him helpless - the Doms take turns fucking him.

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