aaron fucks trey

Things sure have changed since I was a young guy. Back then, a straight guy wouldn't dream of letting another guy fuck him, let alone doing it on the Internet for the whole world to see. But now, Corbin Fisher shows us that a guy can get his ass plugged, really enjoy it, and still call himself straight. Aaron is a new model on the amateur straight guy site and Corbin Fisher was looking for someone for him to fuck. Aaron had already gotten his ass fucked, so it was his turn to do some fucking. Trey was a great candidate for the job. He's such a handsome guy with a great ass and body. But he's also a great bottom! You can tell by his reactions and expressions that he's really enjoying it.

The two guys get into some 69 cocksucking right away, and since they were both eager to get to the fucking, it wasn't long before Trey bent over and hoisted a leg up on the coffee table so Aaron could slide his long, hard cock into him from behind. Aaron is fixated on his dick as it slides in and out of Trey's tight hole. And Trey loves it so much that it doesn't take him long to shoot his load. With Aaron pumping him hard, Trey starts shooting his load all over the place. But Aaron's not ready to cum so he keeps fucking Trey's ass. To everyone's surprise, Trey shoots a second load and this sends Aaron over the edge. He blasts a big load all over Trey's back. What a hot scene!

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