FreshSX knows how to make the most of their models. In this shoot, they take 2 big cocked twinks and one horny bottom, put them together and give them a camcorder to catch any closeups that seem especially hot. Then they let nature take its course - and does it ever! Darren can't wait to get his tight ass and mouth filled by Mika's and Pablo's rock-hard poles. But that's for later - things get started as all three of the guys shuck off their clothes and get busy with one anothers' mouths and cocks...

Soon the guys are on - or in front of - the couch. There's some serious making out and cock sucking going on here, and it's harder to say who's having the best time - but it's probably the one getting sucked ;)


There's nothing like a little ass eating, but two is even better than one. There's a second tongue in action here, tasting that horny hole as well as the guy next to him.


Mika shoves his cock deep inside Darren's tight ass, and Darren is loving every inch of it as Pablo catches the action on camera while he plays with his rod and kisses Darren. Man, these are three horny twinks!


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