Most Nutrionists would tell you, Twinkies just aren't healthy foods, and one shouldn't really indulge in them, but then again, they are talking about the sweet cream filled little cakes. When I think of creamy treats, I am thinking of those hot young sexy boys, that are eighteen to twenty two, and how yummy they are.

So when I see a site promoting 'barely legal twinks' or even just 'twinks' I get all excited. I mean the smooth bodies, the fresh faces, the stamina they show as they pound all those fresh asses. It is heaven for me, and the wife too.

Granted, for some the term Twinks means anyone under 25, sometimes they'll even stretch it to maybe 26 or 27. However, I have to say, it really pisses me off when you go to a site, listed as being about Twinks, and find old geezer pics or videos of men in their late 30's.

I mean it is obvious they are OVER 30. Yet here they are, being portrayed as TWINKS. It really irritates me, to have some sort of scam being pulled. When a site says Twinks, it should be just that. I really don't get why they try to make guys who are obviously over 30 into something they aren't.

It is like VISA with its stupid rules about words. Like a twink site can't use the word 'boy' even though it is a non age term. I mean come on, 'Boys Night Out' is as old as time, heck as old as people have been married. I mean it is so bizarre, to have words mean something, then because some religious wing nut objects, you can't use the word.

Now Twinks was supposed to take the place of 'boys' but damn it, some webmasters it seems need lessons in what words mean. Seriously, to use Twinks to describe a buy with a pot belly, beard, and age spots, just isn't my concept of what a twink should be.

Is it yours?

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