Folks, they're flying in fast and furious, them thar Corbin Fisher press releases and we're trying our acai-berry-chugging best to get them to you in a timely manner. Luckily (you know because we're watching porn and all), we have to help fill in the gaps of what we can all agree will later be remembered in gay porn history as the gilded Corbin Fisher Press Release Age. (Someone, quick, a bicarbonate of soda!)

Example 'T.' Last Friday, announced that Corbin Fisher, which recently bought its own subdivision within Las Vegas city limits, a 15K-square-foot facility which, according to the online porn authority, will allow them a degree of artistic license not seen last since the Tsar and the Tsarina:

"Beginning April 4 and each following Monday [on], the site will swich up from its traditional solo scene updates and reflect an "experimental evolution in style" that will include profile videos, behind-the-scenes footage, private interviews with talent, short films, spoofs and narratives."

Pinch me.

In a decidedly more sexual press release from last week, announced that one of Corbin Fisher's models admitted to having actual sex with a smartphone application - Groupon, if I'm not mistaken - and spread his "seed" as CF's "initial propagator." (Folks, I am not making this shit up!) Apparently, Corbin's Press Release Department decided that spending a little time in the day of a life of a hacked file was tantamount in their minds to having Mario Lopez every which way til Sunday. (Because you can bet your barely-legal behind there's a very limited audience for press-release-as-sexual-tool in the gay porn industry.) Listen to the heat crackle:

"The life cycle of a file shared using BitTorrent begins with just one individual -- the initial propogator, sometimes called a 'seed' user or 'seeder,'" the suit says. "The initial propogator intentionally elects to share a file with a torrent swarm. The original file, in this case, contains [Corbin Fisher] copyrighted work."

(Pssst, Corbin, please add 'propogator' to your list of approved words. My '97 Word is blowing up.)

But, seriously, ladies and gentlemen. I don't mean to make light of Mister Fisher's International Day of Internet Sex day; stealing someone's work or profiting off multiple shares of said work as Interpol frequently accused me of doing on multiple occasions is bad. I guess at the end of the day, what we're saying is: Leave Corbin alone!

(Seriously, stopping stealing Corbin Fisher's shit. There's only 24 hours in a day to read this stuff!)

(Oh, and please don't sue us for using this image, Mister Fisher. If you want to sue anyone, sue Google 'cause that's where our research department found the image.)

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