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Colby is a 20-year-old baseball player. He's definitely straight and loves having sex with the ladies. But since joining Corbin Fisher, it would appear he doesn't mind getting fucked up the ass by guys either. Since his first jerk-off session at Corbin Fisher, he's been fucked three times, including this session with Jonas. Funny that this straight guy hasn't fucked any guys yet himself.

When Jonas' girlfriend convinced him to apply to Corbin Fisher to do some videos, he probably didn't expect he'd enjoy it as much as he has been. Jonas is a 25-year-old, athletic guy with a gorgeous, ripped body and a handsome face; and he's now fucked two guys on Corbin Fisher.

Jonas takes the lead in this scene and helps Colby strip out of his clothes and taking the younger guy's cock in his mouth. Then Colby licks and kisses his way down Jonas's chiseled chest and wraps his lips around Jonas's beautiful uncut cock. When Colby is ready to get fucked, he straddles Jonas and lowers himself down on to his stiff cock. And as easy as butter, Jonas's hard dick disappears inside Colby's ass. His gasps indicate that he's enjoying having a dick up his ass. And later, when he's on his back getting drilled, you can see Colby's face contort as his orgasm works its way up from his balls. A stream of cum finally bursts across his stomach and chest. And this sends Jonas over the edge and he sprays his own load over the still-spasming Colby.

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