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First timer Luke Jackson hits the gym five times a week and as a result, he has an eight-pack instead of a six-pack. He's a handsome guy with a square jaw and he's wearing a bit of face scruff. As Luke gropes his shiny black shorts, his big balls fall out of the leg hole.

Luke is a precummer, so as he squeezes and strokes his cock, little pearls of precum ooze out of his piss slit. Luke sits on the edge of the sofa and lubes up his dick. He strokes it slowly and strings of precum silk off the end of his dick.

And all that precumming is just a preview of what's to cum. When this muscle stud shoots his load, it arcs through the air and falls in front of the camera on the floor. And there's so much spunk. This stud is a cum machine. His cumshot is so fantastic that Hard Brit Lads shows it to us twice, once in slow motion so we can really take it all in! And once he's does shooting, his cock is still rock hard. I wish Hard Brit Lads had asked for an encore.

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