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Seriously, this is Ben Huller. Why have so many names? Here he is as 'Tommy' for Tyler's Room.

I'm losing count, honestly. This guy has so many names it is impossible to keep track. Ben Huller is one of my favourite pornstars. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly that makes him stand out from all the gorgeous boys, chiseled men and handsome daddies that gay porn is abundant with. Perhaps it's the way he treats a hole - regardless of the gender.

Ben Huller is unlike most of today's pornstars; his Twitter account has gone 2 years without a single post, I can't find him on Facebook, nobody talks about which club he's been dancing naked in, and he doesn't whore the major studios. So where is he and why does he function so differently to most gay pornstars?

My guess is that Ben Huller doesn't want his straight porn fans to know he fucks guys, and his gay fans to know he fucks girls. So he hides and uses different names depending on the role. A couple of years ago I found out that Huller even did porn with his brother, Timo Hardy.

The point is, how many more names are we going to see Huller starring as in videos? Oliver Strelly, Vadim Vauro, Tommy, Uriy Grosky, Ben Huller, Nick Felix, Tomas, Tommy Sasha, Olivier Gourrin. Did I miss any? These are all names to Google if you like watching Ben Huller fuck as much as I do. Be warned, though, most of his porn is straight (but anal), if you can tolerate vagina!

Ben Huller fucking Denis Bering

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