This Is Sweat: Alex Graham and Matt Stevens This Is Sweat: Alex Graham and Matt Stevens

A post-workout massage turns sexy in Titan Men's latest, Sweat. Smooth, muscle man Alex Graham, needing relief from lower back pain is on the massage table under the soothing hands of hairy hunk Matt Stevens. The sexy masseur rubs Alex's smooth muscles, then asks him to turn over. 'Oh wow! Look at that!' Matt exclaims when he gets a look at Alex's big, throbbing cock. 'Your body's looking really good, man,' he says, continuing to work his magic as his hands graze his moaning client's pulsing cock. Matt greases up Alex's cock, stroking it in his firm grip, while Alex rubs the masseur's muscled, furry bod, reaching into Matt's shorts to release the stud's boner. Matt sucks off Alex before feeding him his own cock. 'I got something else for you to suck on,' he says, sitting his jock ass down on Alex's scruffy face. Alex eats and fingers Matt, then fucks him doggie style ('Open up - you got it!'). On his back, Matt gets his ass pounded and his dick jacked by the top - who goes all in and out. Matt squirts a hot wad that lands on his pec, then gets soaked by Alex - who rubs his wet dick on the bottom's hairy ball sack.

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