This Is Queer is rich in content and very ambitious for a start-up site. Pretty much in existence for just a few months, it features some totally fascinating range, from gorgeous pictures of male celebrities to stories about the President and even a great shirtless look at England's Crown Prince Harry playing rugby in Iraq or Afghanistan. The ambiance of this interesting site is really very "worldly", for lack of a better term. Events across the globe are featured, from David Beckham posing nude to the Miss Gaya Pageant in Italy. A great cartoon dealing with the TV hit show, Mad Men gets a look while an absolutely stunning piece of Performance Art from Youtube - "Sand Animation" - a work by the Ukrainian Kseniya Simonova is linked for observing in the post. Diverse and surprising, there is a fresh approach to filling in gaps in our concepts of what's occurring around and amidst us all. Naturally enough, there is also the safe and still-appealing fashion news, complete with model pictures of Armani models featuring the newest jeans and a great Youtube video of "Australian Bums" - a funny and sexy series of underwear ads from Australia. I hope the proprietor of this site keeps it going. This is one of those places where you can honestly say you never know what might be in the next day's batch of posts. Just cruising the tags to the right can set one up with something new or novel. I like this site a lot.

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