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Dru's your all-American, blond-haired, blue-eyed guy. And he showed up on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back with his 8-inch cock in hand. Dru jacked off in August and he was an instant hit. In September he fucked Travis, in October he dicks Josh; and in November the fans are still screaming for more, so Corbin Fisher sets this blond stud up with Simon. This cute jock has done a fair bit of fucking on the site, although he has already been pumped by Brent's infamous big dick. And Corbin Fisher must have it in for Simon because he's paired him up with another well-hung stud. Come on, Corbin, you've got to give these straight guys a break! Work 'em in slowly! But perhaps I'm too hasty in my pleas for lenience because Simon chows down on Dru's big dick like it's the last hot dog and the cart's closing up for the night. The guys get into some passionate kissing, and this gets Simon all fired up and ready for Dru's dick. By the end of this scene, Simon's saying, "It feels so good!" And it's certainly the loudest Simon's ever been in front of the cameras. When Simon starts cumming all over his abs, Dru gives him a few more pumps to punctuate the event, and then, he pulls out and showers Simon's tight body in even more cum

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