Thick Uncut Cock

Harry has just joined the guys over at UK Naked Men. And he's a hot fucker! If he doesn't slay you with his good looks, he'll do you in with that thick, uncut cock of his. What a huge dick! Harry might be living in the UK, but his genes say that he's from somewhere else. And given the size of that thick uncut cock of his, I'm betting he's Latino or Brazilian - those guys are almost always very well-hung. In his video, he strips down to his underwear; his cock is already rock-hard and bulging in his white briefs. Harry grabs a bottle of oil and pours some all over his underwear, then reaches inside his shorts, he teases us by rubbing his hard, thick cock. Pushing his hardness against the wet fabric. He does eventually release that big cock, and as he starts to stroke it, he has to use both hands. He sits down on the floor in front of a huge men - as if one of him weren't hot enough - and he starts pumping that monster in his fist. As he gets more excited he jacks with a frenzied pace until he eventually blasts a cum shot right up onto his chest. It's phenomenal!

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