Thick Uncut Cock

It's fat uncut cock day here at Gay Demon. I do adore uncut cocks, in fact, I'm a foreskin hound. I have to say that when I go to the baths I'm more interested in the foreskin than what's attached to it. Well okay, let's not carry things too far, I'm not willing to get down and chew on a 70-year-old piece of foreskin. But I'm not so caught up on whether the guy is a 25-year-old jock or a 40-something hairy man. If he's nice looking and he's got a piece of foreskin, I'm happy. And if he's got a thick uncut cock like David here, I'm especially happy. I have to say that I'm feeling a little old. I don't normally go for young guys, so when I saw in David's bio that he's just 18 years old, I kind of freaked out. But he does look older, so perhaps I'm not such a chicken hawk after all. But regardless, I do adore his big, luscious lips; they're so kissable. And David is just getting him from his office job, so he's still wearing his suit. But not for long, he strips out of that and gets naked, giving us a nice look at his thick uncut cock -- 9 inches long, thick, and sitting on top of a healthy set of bull balls. And you're going to love his foreskin play pictures: he fingers his foreskin and smears his precum all over his cock head. Fuck, it's such a turn on.

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