Thick Pubes

Natural Guys Are The Best says the rather sparse header at this blog which is also known as Thick Pubes. And if you put those two statements together then you get the gist of what this place is all about. Guys with hairy bits really, non-shaved, not-trimmed men with a bush. In photos and in 75 pages of simple images. You can comment and make your own notes, see who else is following and do the usual kind of Tumblr stuff, and you can contact the guy behind the image blog. Or you can simply scroll down and back, and enjoy the sight of amateur guys posing at home, thick cock guys with untrimmed pubes, professional models posing for shoots, hairy asses, natural guys, bearded guys, redheads with loads of hair, super furry monsters and all the kinds of guys you can image; and all with a fuzz farm going on down below, or sometimes sprouting out from the top of a pair of Speedos or undies. It's a great photo collection of great looking guys with the common theme of natural pubes.

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