Thick Latino Cum Shot

Maximo Latino's new Argentinian hunk Mark calls Buenos Aires home, but could just have easily cum from Greece with his statuesque physique and incredibly sexy bedroom eyes. These guys are always on the lookout for male perfection and it looks as though they scored in that department with Mark. With nary a blemish on his silky smooth hairless skin, his tight body looks all the more inviting. I would say that his taut buttocks are pretty damn enticing as well. Especially when Mark lays on his stomach like we see him here. All this rolling around and undressing got quite the rise out of Mark's thick cock as you can see. Like a delicious piece of steak, it certainly is drool inspiring. After much jerking off, it's all Mark can handle to contain his healthy load of man seed. Out it cums in thick strings, making a right mess of his tight abs and pelvic area. Perhaps he needs some help cleaning all that jizz up!

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