thick everything

This guy rises from his thick bed, eats a thick breakfast, drives his thick car to his thick office, takes a thick lunch break, pees thick pee, goes to the thick gym, types thick sexts, goes out to a thick restaurant with a skinny twink, takes the skinny twink home, fucks the skinny twink with his thick cock, takes a thick shower, listens to thick NPR before bed, puts on his thick jammies and hits the thick sack.

I forgot to tell you that the word of the day is thick. So that should explain all the bells and shouts you heard from your furniture every time you read it. Words of the day do that ever since Pee-wee's Playhouse aired.

Yes, his semen is thick too. This guy's. Not Pee-wee's. Pee-wee's is like glittery champagne.

P.S. Probably don't hang out with this guy. You may end up with a thick lip. He has anger issues. He's a bit thick in the head and may forget he at one point wanted you to suck his cock.

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