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Christian had only been home from Cuba for four days when he stopped by Circle Jerk Boys to unload some of his pent up energy. He hadn't seen his girlfriend for six months, so they had a lot of catching up to do. But when you're a horny, 23-year-old, Cuban guy, a trip back home is never long enough, especially when your hot girlfriend is waiting with open legs. It didn't take Christian long to stiffen up that thick Cuban cock of his. And if you want to see him doing more than jacking off, you're in luck. Before his trip, Christian fucked the ass off some horny young guy at Circle Jerk Boys. Keegan had a hard time accommodating Christian's thick piece of meat, but he did the best he could -- and it was pretty damned good. In this video Christian is flying solo, and flying would be the operative word. When this Cuban stud starts to cum, a couple of long jets fly right up the middle of his abdomen, landing smack in the middle of his smooth chest. What a cumshot!

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