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Shane is a hot, blond stud with a perfect body. He's lean, but very well defined. He's got a tight butt and a big, thick cock. With a record of 1:0 on the wrestling mats, Shane is ready to fuck another wrestler's ass. He's paired up with DJ, who is a favorite on gay wrestling and fighting site Naked Kombat. DJ has fought twice before and has a 1:1 record.

DJ has a very big cock and he intends to use it today. He's already had his ass beaten - and fucked - once before and he doesn't intend on letting that happen during this match. Once Shave gets his opponent into a hold, he locks it up his legs and doesn't let go. Shane does alright in the underwear round, but he quickly starts losing ground in the naked round. DJ grinds Shane's face into the mats, and then, jumps his opponent and mounts him.

When it's all over, Shane finds himself down on all fours and DJ is shoving his thick cock down the naked wrestler's throat. But that's just the beginning, and before Shane limps off the mats, he'll get his ass fucked good and hard. Shane will have to wait for another round before humiliating his opponent.

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