21-year-old Zack looks like he could be in a boy band -- spiked hiary, devilish grin, hazel eyes, and a hard, smooth and lean body. He's sporting a sexy, thin moustache, long side burns, and a scruff of hair on the nub of his chin -- I love that. And Zach is one of those little guys who is packing a big one. He is 5'10", so he's not really that little, but he weighs in at 130 pounds. And when he slides off his blue boxers, holy shit! He's got a treasure trail of hair that creeps just below his navel and leads up right down to this monstrousIy big, uncut cock. His chest is smooth, his nipples hard, and he ripped all the way through his abs. Zach shows us how hot a college guy in is prime can be. When he turns around he reveals a perfect bubble butt covered his fine hair. It's as if God took all the hair that was supposed to be on his chest and put it on his ass. Now when Zach first gets naked, he's not sporting a whole lot of cock to talk about. It looks pretty average, uncut, and sitting on top of a couple of low hanging balls. But then this guy starts to get that cock hard -- SHOWER! It's big, thick, meaty, and veiny. His girlfriend must be very happy -- yes, he's straight. And wait until you see Zach's flying cum shot. Good Lord, that cock of his should be registered as a WMD.

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