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Ceasar Calderon is a furry bear that I've overlooked on my visits to Hot Older Male and Pantheon Bear. It wasn't intentional; I just didn't really notice this sexy man and his thick cock until now when I was cruising through Pantheon Bear's latest offerings.

This beefy bear showed up on Pantheon Bear earlier this week and I thought, "Who is this?" He's ruggedly handsome with a full beard. And this 40-year-old man is packing a nice, thick cock. When you look at it up close, it's the kind of dick you want to slobber all over for along time. It's not really a pretty cock, but when good-looking knobs don't always inspire the cocksucker in me to get down on my knees and give a man the best blowjob he's ever had.

But Ceasar's cock makes me think of nothing else. It's not very long, maybe six inches or so, but it's very thick, and that's where it counts for me. Long cocks are great, but when I'm sucking dick, I prefer a cock that really fills up my mouth over the ones that press down the back of my throat. And Ceasar's cock is definitely something I could wrap my lips around.

Whether you check him out on Pantheon Bear, where he has two fuck scenes, or Hot Older Male, where he has five fuck videos, it doesn't matter because when you join one site, you get access to the other. I'm going to head back to Pantheon Bear and watch his latest video.

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