but when Rex and Keegan get behind closed doors the rough guy act goes out the window. Then the pants come down and the masts go up. Sometimes they go up into places that have never been explored before. Yes, CIRCLE JERK BOYS bring us another spicy session of a couple of boys who are straight for the most part, but when they get horny, societal taboos and peer pressure are forgotten and things get nasty. Adorned with lotsa muscle and lotsa spunk, these two young bucks get up to no good when the lights go up and the curtains are drawn. Cum see.


Yep, it doesn't take much for these lovely lads to keep a rock-hard erection even when the spotlight is on them. The joys of being young. Don't they look inviting? I can't think of too much I'd like to be doing right now than sinking to my knees and seeing if I can't take both these luscious poles in my mouth. One can only try their best.


Bend over and say ahh!! What a great shot as one boy chows down on the other's ass. Brings back some memories of the first time my best friend rimmed my ass. It was the most fantastic sensation I'd ever experienced. When I reciprocated Chris went through the roof and nearly blew the back of my head off with his huge load. Mmmmm.


Well what have we here? I guess when your cock requires something extra tight wrapped around it the urge is just too much to resist. Head up against the bedboard and hands splayed along the wall, this sweety is getting a good throttling. CIRCLE JERK BOYS is open 24/7 and always provide the finest in gay young buck entertainment. Go get ya some!

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