These Dicks Are Famous

No, we're not talking about John Mayer and Andy Cohen on vacation together. (Technically, they're douche bags, not dicks.) What we're referring to in the title is a new website that pays homage to cock--specifically, celebrity cock. Everyone has a favorite studly movie, TV or music star that gets 'em going. offers a chance to see what they're packing. And the easy-to-use search helps you find exactly the famous meat you're looking for.

We recently spent a rainy afternoon doing a deep dive, and here are just some of the treats we unearthed: There's a sleepy James Franco (isn't he always?) making out and getting fucked by a guy in the little-seen 2011 film The Broken Tower. Rock star Warren Cuccurullo (formerly of Missing Persons and Duran Duran) having a blurry threeway (during which he realizes he forgot to take his vitamins and then downs them between blowjobs). There's even a grainy couple minutes of Daniel Radcliffe's naked turn on Broadway in Equus. And if celeb sex tapes are your thing, they're all here, from Tommy Lee (that's the big dick you see above) to Rob Lowe to Colin Farrell to Dustin "Screech" Diamond (who has a surprisingly large piece). Not to mention the Cheyenne Jackson solo jack. You'll also find some hot boneheaded reality stars from MTV's The Real World and Big Brother Australia. But our favorite clip just might be the three-minute and 30-second tribute to Zac Efron (below) that won't leave a dry boner in the house! For more information, visit


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