His name is Chase Laroo and there's something about him. The photographer at Adam's Guys said Chase is the kind of guy he dreams about, and you can see why. He's easy-going and athletic with a nice smile, great abs, lots of tattoos and a hairy chest. When I look Chase, there's something about him that says "cowboy" to me, and whatever it is, I like it. Of course, there's also something about him that says "horny" to me - and yes, that would be his thick, stiff cock standing at attention.

This is the pic of Chase that first caught my eye. He looks like a cross between the Marlboro Man and James Dean, and as you can see, that is one hot combation.


Even after spending some time drooling over this pic of Chase's firm, round ass and muscular thighs, it's difficult to decide whether Chase looks best from the front or the rear.


Man, it's times like this that I wish I was a porn photographer! Imagine being down on your knees looking up at Chase like this - seeing his smile, his hairy chest and stomach and his hard dick mere inches away from your face!


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