Who doesn't love a guy with a great ass? Every man and most women I know take note of a guy with an outstanding rump. There are so many kinds of butts, and so many that look just great. There's slender twink buttocks, a nice round bottom, firm and muscular glutes - there are so many kinds of butts, and every one has something to offer :)

Butts are something people talk about and even obsess about. I was searching on Amazon and found a list called Latino Men's Butts in Film and another about asian men's butts. And go to any men's underwear store and you'll find padded briefs for men who want to appear to have fuller, rounder cheeks.

More and more we are seeing men's firm fit rears on billboards, in magazines, on supposedly straight websites. And anytime you see a poll in a woman's magazine or website about what they notice first when they see a hot guy, you'll almost always see the backside at the top of the list.


And I'm not talking about pics or movies where the director tells the models to pry their cheeks apart to give us a view of their tight puckered holes. While I admit to a certain fascination in seeing those tender pink passages, I'm talking about stuff that isn't adult at all. Abercrombie, perhaps, or some other advertising campaign that treats us to pics of fit and gorgeous guys as seen from behind.


Be honest - even if you're not into anal sex, there is something so pliant and squeezable about guys' asses. They look great in tight jeans and look even better in white briefs or - even better - boxer briefs. And I'm not talking about just the classic rounded bubble butts but almost any kind that fills a pair of pants. When it comes to behinds, I'll take quality over quantity - but quantity doesn't get ruled out, either.

Sometimes when I see hot guys walking down the street or at a club, I'll wait till he passes and then turn to get a good look at his butt. It's not that I want to see them go but I just love the way they look while they're walking away ;) And I bet a lot of you do the same!

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