The woof factor

There are tons of words we gays like to use to describe a hot guy and today we will be looking at some hunks that got that "Woof" factor! Now you ask what is "Woof?" Well, let me school ya a bit. It's gay slang for a fella who is masculine, rugged and also happens to like some bum fun and sucking cock! Now, I ask you, isn't that just the perfect man?

Some think in order to have that "Woof Factor" that you have to be a chubby, hairy or a bear but this isn't always the case. it's more about an attitude than a specific look. So let's take a look at some of 3 fellas that make us bark like dogs!

1. Paddy O'Brian: Where the hell he came from I really don't know but thank goodness this guy has hit the porn scene cos he is about as rugged and sexy as they cum! This British bloke is one hot pleasure and he has been making the rounds getting his bits out for and most recently for I know for a fact that we will be seeing way more of this hunk cos this is just how we like'em.

2. Harley Everett: He's beefy, butch and is over 6ft tall! How's that for a man's man? This dude had his first fuck scene with Jay Roberts for UKNakedMen and he bottomed which was quite a surprise cos I was just waiting for him to fuck the living daylights out of Jay. We won't have to wait that long as he's got plenty of more scenes coming up where we will see this hunky stallion pound some tight gay ass! I, for one, cannot wait!

3. Alex Marte: What could we possibly say about this hunk that hasn't already been said? Well, how about he's got one of the hottest buns in the business? This Italian stud has been featured on DNA magazine and he has taken the plunge and calls gay porn home sweet home now. Alexis is deffo taking the porn world by storm and I say.. baby let it rain, let it rain!

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