With just a handful of photo spreads and video shoots from about 1988 to 1992, Kurt Bauer didn't have long to make an impression on the gay porn masses. Good thing he opted for the whole crazy intense burn into your soul stare deep into your eyes thing. Because I still remember him.

I'm certain he practiced his smolder in front of the mirror for hours, sometimes trapping himself there like an XXX Narcissus at the water's edge. In this case the mirror was probably a cheap one from IKEA. He spent the rest of his dough on chest hair conditioner.

Still, there was something about his look. It demanded you to objectify him. It made it impossible not to. So because there was no way to hide, it made lust okay. How can one be ashamed of something one cannot help? Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of his abilities and choices (including that seductive touch of lip gloss).

Kurt Bauer's eyes

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