The Underwear Expert

Have a look for the sexy guys in their underwear or have a look to learn, be inspired and get some new ideas, but have a look at The Underwear Expert. This guy (or guys or gals) know their stuff, and their stuff is everything from satin briefs to boxers. This isn't a titillation blog, though by its nature it's going to be a turn on for all us underwear fetish fans; it is more about the underwear industry, if that's what it can be called. You've got interviews with models alongside loads of photos of big bulges in briefs. There are photos galore, there are articles, facts and figures, news and advertisements. There are celebrities in underwear and not just David Beckham either; there are girls in underwear, adverts and clips. Old pics of Marky Mark, Backstreet Boys, and even the Beatles. (Yes, really.) Up-to-date models and names. And then you get to the serious side of the thing, the trends and reviews, the underwear news, tips and hints. Honestly - go and immerse yourself in your underwear drawer and you won't find as many smalls, shreddies, knickers, panties, long-johns and unmentionables as you will find here.

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