What do you get when you cross a Millenial with wit? Answer: Matt Siegel, the grand doyenne of an entire generation of GLBT writers, who's blog, The Unabashed Queer, is a superbly-crafted (and supremely campy) media mix written by the 28-year-old enfant terrible that has been reshaping the LGBT cultural landscape since 2008.

And Matt, who hails from Atlanta, isn't just another bitchy diva, either. He's a published bitchy diva (and, according to his bio, former house 'thang' to the stars, including now-deceased Jill Clayburgh (she was alive when he worked her, we're confident), Adam Carolla and Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post) who is enrolled in the Nonfiction Writing Program at the University of Iowa, a campus renown for it's baby colors fetish and its Uggs. In his very first post, written on October 19, 2008, Matt deconstructs the blog's title. He also unloads the tone and intellectual calculus for posts to come:

"Gay-bashing" is a common term for hate crimes committed against my people. The prefix "un-" means "not, opposite of, reverse action, release from," so it's a cool coincidence that "unabashed" pairs un + bash as if to say "no longer bashed."

Siegel gravitates to whatever strikes his fancy from gay porn scion Bruce Vilanch ("This man here-the one with the pussy pouch, titties, and innertube of skin jelly around his jaw- is a lecherous legend in Hollywouldn't.") to Madonna ("The next interesting, revolutionary thing she can do is die.") to Raquel Welch ("Actress, Mother, Designer of high-end wig line: What's left to do? Write a shitty book."). He also blends in some funny - and surprisingly well-made - video into the mix. Luckily for us, what Matt doesn't do is Overkill. And thank your Benson & Hedges. If there's one thing that gets tired, and fast, it's a 'she' with poor timing and lax manners.

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