The Internet is for porn

As we all know, there will always be people trying to control what we view on the internet, and of course one of the things most want monitor is when people view porn.

A couple days ago the U.K lawmakers began a 10 week consultation to decide whether or not to adopt a national "porn filtering plan". Now, this may sound harmless but what does this really mean?

Well, to begin with, this would mean a plan that would automatically block adult material unless the user chooses to view the content and directly requests porn from their ISP. So that means that you can say goodby to the days of anonymous porn surfing - the government would know EXACTLY who views porn and what kind of porn site you visit. The tricky thing here is that this information will be stored.

These measures are being taken by the government in order to "protect children", but I have to ask isn't that the responsibility of the parents instead of the government censoring what people can or can not view on the internet? Some of the parents that Children's minister Tim Loughton spoke to told the BBC that many parents want to be responsible for what their children access on the Internet but they're intimidated by technology. But shouldn't parents learn how to do this instead of being lazy and letting the government educate their children?

These are all questions that people should ask themselves before running the risk entering a "filtered age of the internet". So now it's over to my wonderful gays; what do you make of all of these proposed rules about internet porn filtering? Is this something that needs to be done in order to "protect children", or is this just one more way for the government bodies to keep tabs on people? Now, it's YOUR turn to rant.


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